Edited this series of promos for Black Panther featuring culinary auteurs Ghetto Gastro

I worked as a Content Manager / Editor on the visuals team for Beyonce's Formation Tour

Branded video for Buzzfeed + Home Depot/Husky

Music Video for the band Foster the People

Co-edited this Try Guys + Cliff Bar branded video

Fake commercial Interstitial videos I edited and did analogue FX on for a Buzzfeed Facebook Live video for the Netflix series "GLOW"

Short film I edited: After their mother's funeral, two sisters decide to ditch the meet and greet to spend the day together and avoid reality.

Edited + shot many celebrity videos for InStyle

Flaunt Magazine: Jeffrey RĂ¼des presents Finn Wittrock Film by Alex the Brown

One of a handful of videos I edited for a New Balance snapchat campaign